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Mexican Hammocks South Africa

About Us

Mexican Hammocks Ltd Pty is an Australian Company owned and operated by Mike Rennie and Guy Halpin, importing and selling top quality handmade Mexican hammocksaccessories and Mexican Blankets to South Africa (since 2009), Australia and around the world.

The hammocks we sell all come direct from our freshly woven stock of hammocks in Merida, Mexico. Each hammock is uniquely hand-woven in the traditional way by Indeginious Mayan men and women in the state of Yucatán, México. The work on hammocks is important in creating sustainable work opportunites and providing family income, often in areas where work opportunities are not so easy to come by. Work is done at home and at the weavers own pace. As such working conditions are much better than in factories and this also results in a more environmentally friendly production. This also makes it easier for our weavers to work and also take care of their children and family at the same time. Time out from work is at their descretion. When they have finished weaving a hammock(s), they either deliver them to our company representative or we also provide a collection service to collects through the remote villages.

We are happy to employ many skilled weavers in remote village areas that don't often have many work opportunities. We believe in Fair Trade principles and reflect this in paying and rewarding our workers fairly for their skillful hammock weaving. This in return benefits us and you  through the high quality hammocks they produce as our weavers are happy and satisfied in their work.


Our Goal 

Mexican Hammocks Pty Ltd aims to provides South Africans with authentic Mexican hammocks of superior hammocks at affordable prices. We want to provide our customers with a unique and enjoyable online experience through an easy to use and informative online store. We strive to improve the lives of the local native Mayan Community by providing sustainable employment and fair working conditions.

We are a Australian based company, operating worldwide since 2009. Including in Australia - Hammocks Australia, New Zealand - Mexican Hammock Store, the USA and Europe. We take pride in providing quality friendly and speedy service. We process all orders and have your purchases dispatched directly from our stocks in Merida, Mexico where all our hammocks are made.