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Mexican Hammocks South Africa


Have some questions about our Mexican hammocks? Well hopefully these will answer your queries, if not please just email us.

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  1. What are Mexican hammocks made of and what is the difference?
  2. How long will my hammock last, and what special care should I give it?
  3. How do you hang a hammock and how much space do you need?
  4. Can I choose my hammock colour?
  5. I don't have a Credit Card, can I still make a purchase?
  6. Can Hammocks be washed?
  7. Do I get any instructions with my hammock?
  8. What is the difference between a spread bar hammock and a hammock without a bar?
  9. What shipping options do you offer?
  10. Can I buy as a gift, or do you offer gift vouchers?
  11. Can I order and pay securly through your site?
  12. Can I sleep in a Hammock?
  13. Do you supply frames or hammock ropes with your Hammocks?
  14. Do you offer a guarantee?
  15. How long does it take to make a hammock?
  16. Are your hammocks available in stores?
  17. Can I order from overseas and have sent to South Africa?
  18. Where are you based and where can I get more information on Mexican hammocks?
  19. Why is payment in USD? Can't I pay in Rand?


1. What are Mexican hammocks made of and what is the difference?

Our Mexican Hammocks are made from and available in cotton or nylon cord. The main differences are that cotton corded hammocks have a softer feel as they stretch more, and shape perfectly to the users body shape. Cotton is the choice if comfort is your main priority. Nylon corded hammocks are also very comfortable, but have a firmer feel - like a firm bed. They won't stretch so much as the cotton, but will still provide excellent support and comfort. The benefit of the nylon cord is that it is a more durable material and as such is better suited to more constant outdoor use, and will resist the elements more effectively than cotton. Each size hammock is available in cotton or nylon and cost the same.

2. How long will my hammock last, and what special care should I give it?

The lifespan of a hammock is one that will be determined by use, exposure to the elements and care. By following our hammock instructions and care guide your hammock will last many years. We recommend protecting your hammock from the elements when not in use, such as moving inside or undercover, or with one of our hammock protection covers. Constant exposure to sun (UV rays), rain and wind will contribute to a shortened hammock life. Both nylon and cotton need the same proper care. When using your hammock we also suggest wearing appropriate clothing that does not contain buttons, belts or anything that could get caught in or snag the cords of the hammock while using. Cut or broken cords can be repaired by tying these off together.

3. How do you hang a hammock?

Hammocks are very portable and versatile making them ideal for nearly any location. You want to hang it so that the ends where it is tied are around 6 feet from the ground. The arc of the hammock at it lowest point in the middle should come to hang between your knees and your hips. You can use anything from rope, chain, or strong cords for poles and trees. For a solid wood or concrete wall the use of a heavy duty hook (hammock hooks) provides a great hanging point. Every hammock comes with an electronic copy of our hammock instructions that includes a more detailed section on hanging and useful rope knots.

You need approx 4 metres of space to hang a hammock however shorter distances can be achieved by having the rope ends tied higher up (this will create more of a banana shape to the hammock though). Another option is to tie the arms into a single knot decreasing the total length of the hammock and distance required to hang also. For longer distances simply adjust the hang of the hammock through the use of longer rope.

4. Can I choose my hammock colour?

Yes, while we only offer hammocks options in Natural white colour, or multi-coloured combinations, if you are a certain colour or combination just note this on your order and we will do our best to match colours to you request. Each multi-colored hammock is composed of between 3-6 different colors. Being hand-woven by Mayan artisans all multi-coloured hammocks have their own unique colour patterns and combinations.

5. I don't have a Credit Card, can I still make a purchase?

Credit card payment through our online PayPal system is our preferred method, however if you require alternative payment options just let us know and we'll try to provide alternative options for you.

6. Can hammocks be washed?

Yes. There is not generally a need to wash your hammock, but if you notice it is getting grubby and would like to wash it you can do so. The best method of doing this is to first grab each end loop and stretch the hammock out to its full length. Next you want to use thick string or cord to bind first the end loops and then the body at about six inch intervals. This will prevent the hammock from tangling. Then put your hammock into a pillow case and into the washing machine. Wash with mild detergent on a gentle cycle and cold water. Your hammock can also be hand-washed by simply soaking it in a large bucket for a few hours with mild detergent then rinsing it thoroughly in cold water. Hang it to dry in a spread out fashion if possible to quicken the drying process. A cotton corded hammock will shrink right after washing but it will return to normal size when dried and back in use.

7. Do I get any instructions with my hammock?

Yes, with every hammock you'll receive an electronic version of our hammock instructions, use and care guide.

8. What is the difference between a spread bar hammock and a hammock without a bar?

A spreader bar hammock is a hammock with a bar across both ends of the hammock to keep the body of the hammock constantly spread out. This is our Resort Style Hammocks. Our chair hammocks also have a single spreader bar at the top to provide the shape and easy entry and exit from it. A hammock without a bar is a typical Mayan hammock which is our speciality. Designed 1000's of years ago by the Indigenious Mayan Indians they are still considered the most comfortable hammock in the world by many customers. These are the DoubleQueen and King Mexican Hammocks.

9. What shipping options do you offer?

We provide Free shipping to South Africa. This is through international couriers and takes approx 3-7 working days. We provide real-time tracking on all orders. We can deliver to other countries, but please contact us first for pricing.

10. Can I buy as a gift, or do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes. We offer the option to purchase gift vouchers that can emailed or printed and posted to your gift receipent. These are available to purchase by clicking on the 'Buy Gift Certificate' button on specials page. This gives you the option to choose the value amount, the date sent, and you can include a personal message to go on the voucher.

You can also buy any product directly as a gift for someone, simply put in their address as the delivery address, or email us this information after the purchase and we will ensure it goes where it is required.

11. Can I order and pay securely through your web site?

Yes. Our online payment system is totally secure, you need not worry. All our online payments are processed securely through PayPal. This allows for a variety of payment options (credit card, debit card, or bank account). Payment is instant, and you are automatically sent a purchase receipt. 

12. Can I sleep in a hammock?

Definitely, what hammocks were created for! Whether you want an afternoon nap, or to sleep the night through. In fact hammocks are still more popular (than beds) and the traditional sleeping method in many areas of Mexico. Hammocks are perfect when the weather is hot and humid as it allows for air to circulate around you through the open diamond weave pattern of the hammocks - a great alternative to sleep through those hot and sticky summer nights!

13. Do you supply frames or hanging ropes with your hammocks?

Sorry, currently we do not stock hammock frames and they are not included with any hammocks. Ropes are included only with our package deals.

14. Do you offer a guarantee?

All our hammocks are checked, rechecked and inspected to ensure they are of the utmost quality. However if for any reason you are unhappy with your hammock, simply return 'as new' for a replacement or refund of your purchase price within the first 30 days.

15. How long does it take to make a hammock?

Being 100% hand-made our hammocks depending on their size can take anywhere from days to weeks to fully complete. Using kilometres of interwoven cotton or nylon cord ensures each hammock is incredibly strong, comfortable and supportive.

16. Are your hammocks available in stores?

At this stage our hammocks are only available to purchase through our online stores. We are always open to stocking retails outlets so if you are a retail store or know of a store that might benefit from stocking our hammocks please talk to us we'd love to work with you.

17. Can I order from overseas and have sent to the UK?

Yes, definitely we can do this for you. However, depending on where you are ordering from you may need to follow the following instructions for purchasing via PayPal. When adding the delivery address details, you may not have the option of setting a 'UK' address. To simply get around this, fill out the billing information screen with your actual address - your credit card billing address, then proceed through to 'review order and continue'. This next screen will display the description of your order. Just below you will see a little box that says ' add special instructions to seller'. Click on this and a small text box will open up. In here you can enter a note, and the address you would like shipped to in South Africa. That'll then come through to us with your order, and we'll ensure it is sent to the correct ZA address. Any problems or if you are still unsure, just email us directly with the delivery addres and we can get the correct address sorted for you, no problems.

18Where are you based and where can I get more information on Mexican hammocks?

We are a Australian based company, operating successfully in Australia, South Africa, the United States, Europe and New Zealand. All orders are processed by us and your purchases are then dispatched directly from our stock of freshly handmade hammocks in Merida, Mexico. This allows us to keep our costs down which in turn benefits you through better prices, quicker service and a greater selection of hammocks and products.

You can find more information on using, repairing, storing, folding and more plus videos and additional photos from the following sites.

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19. Why is payment in USD? Can't I pay in Rand?

Unfortunately at this stage our payment system - Paypal, doesn't accept the Rand as payment. Therefore we are using USD. We will change to the Rand if possible in the future. You can check the approx currency coversion rate here. Please note that is an approx figure and Paypal will have their own coversion rate that will apply to purchases.