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Mexican Hammocks South Africa

Why Our Hammocks?


We believe our online store provides you with the best Mexican hammocks and blankets available in South Africa. But we’re sure your heard this plug from other companies many times before. At the end of the day it is your hammock experience that matters, not ours! In saying that, here are some of the benefits we think you will enjoy through the use of our hammocks:


1. Authentic & Hand-woven. All Hammock Shop hammocks are 100% hand-woven by indigenous Mayan’s in Yucatán, Mexico. The skills employed have been in use and evolved over 3000 years.

2. Uniqueness. Each hammock is individually woven. What this means is each hammock has its own colour pattern and is therefore unique.

3. Quality and Environment. All of our hammocks are of the highest quality and with proper care will provide you with many years of enjoyment and relaxation. With each hammock being individually woven there are multiple quality checks before dispatching to you. Our hammocks take 15-30 days to weave and this gives you an idea to the intricacy and detail required by the local weavers. Our hammocks are not a part of a mass production line and therefore not 'spat out’ of a factory. We are proud to say our handmade weaving process is more environmentally friendly with no polluted effluents.

4. Comfort and Support. All hammocks are made using a special diamond weave pattern delivering you with superior comfort and support. Further benefits of our tight weave is greater strength and durability. The pattern is specifically designed to maximise airflow circulation around your body. This means no annoying sweaty patches which are common from other indoor and outdoor furniture. You will be amazed at the comfort our hammocks provide. Unlike the cheaper varieties, often used once and then discarded, you'll be looking for a way to create some quality hammock time!

5. Beautiful fine cord. Our hammocks are woven with thousands of metres of fine soft cotton and/or nylon cord that conforms to your body shape. Yes that is right, literally many thousands of metres in every hammock providing you with a perfect blend of comfort, beauty and strength. 4,950 metres of cord is used for the double hammock, 5,700 metres for the Queen Hammock and over 6000 metres for the king hammock. This length of cord ensures superior comfort, support and strength.

6. Portability. Our hammocks are both strong and lightweight, with the King hammock able to carry a weight of up to 250kg. Yet amazingly they are conveniently lightweight. The lightest is the double hammock weighting 1kg. The king hammock weighs 1.5kg. This makes them easy to setup, excellent for travelling and effective for storage.

7. Versatility. Able to be hung up nearly anywhere including gardens, terraces, decks, the holiday home, on camping trips and on boats. Our hammocks can be used for a variety of uses such as sleeping, resting, to read a book, or with your offspring. Our hammocks are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. They are easy to put up and take down, whether using existing features such as trees, deck timber, fences or posts, or by screwing or bolting onto internal/external walls, ceilings or beams.

8. Hammock Experts. Our website has a massive range of information on Mexican hammocks. We are constantly adding more throug our hammock blog and more information to our website. For example we have information on how to best lay in your hammock, repair, store and fold. Plus we have videos and articles with pictures on our sister site.

Hammocks Australia Blog -

Videos available through YouTube  -

9. Range. All our hammocks are suitable for use indoors or outdoors. We stock traditional Mayan hammocks, chair hammock and resort style hammocks. All hammocks are available in either a nylon or cotton thread. With our extensive range we are sure to have a hammock to suit your need. If you are not sure which hammocks is right for you please contact us.

We also have authentic cotton blend Mexican Blankets, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are after a particular colour sequence let us know and we’ll do our best to find a match.

10. Health Benefits. (Please note, article is from, we are not claiming our hammocks have any 'magical healing powers', but you 'may' also notice these added benefits from owning and using a hammock)

"You might be wondering what are the health benefits of a hammock or a swing chair? What could I possibly benefit from a hammock? The answers to both questions are provided in this article. According to, therapists and patients are using hammocks and hanging chairs due to the health benefits involved. This article explains the different health benefits one can gain from owning a hammock or a swing chair.

Ease Back & Neck Pain

Hammocks and Swing Chairs can reduce a person’s physical stress and the benefits are cumulative. Hammocks and Swing Chairs are just what you might need to relieve pain in your lower back or neck pain you’ve been having for such a long time. Lying in a hammock perpendicularly can help relieve some of the pressure off your muscles. The hammock adjusts and moulds to the weight and shape of the body perfectly, providing support to the body and removing pressure points. This allows the muscles of the body to relax and allows the blood to flow to all body parts, thus allowing the body to relax and heal. According to, “without pressure points the vertebrae of the body can begin to align themselves.” It helps reduce all the pain in your back.

The beauty of the hammock is that once you hang it up, you can stretch out in it and the reliable hammock will mould to your body as if it was built just for you. It is all the support your body will need in order to relieve pressure off your back. The hammock will help calm and relax your body. You will wake up energized, very refreshed and ready to go about with your day. According to, pregnant women also have found success in relieving their prenatal pains by using hammocks for rest, relaxation and sleep. The results are remarkable! If you are looking for a physical state of muscle relaxation, then you need to buy yourself a hammock or a swing chair today.

Increase Concentration

Hammocks and Hammock Swing Chairs are being used by a lot of therapists and patients. According to the site, the swinging motion and spinning motion of the hammock stimulates the cerebral cortex, therefore increasing a person’s ability to focus and concentrate. It is said that the swinging and spinning benefits impatient readers too, by helping them concentrate. The hammock would be perfect for anyone who suffers from lack of concentration or focus.

Yoga & Meditation

You can even practice yoga or meditation in a hammock. Yoga adjusts the muscles of the body so that the tensions are equal. The use of a hammock relieves pressure points and relaxes the muscle, giving you added comfort. The hammock or swing chair provides you with a comfortable seat as an alternative to sitting on the floor or a cushion. Therefore a relaxed body leads to a relaxed mind in harmony and peace.

These are three health benefits one can gain from owning a hammock. A hammock can be used for back pain, concentration and a place to meditate and practice Yoga. Owning a hammock means you can lay out in the sun and enjoy the day drinking lemonade. Or it can be a place to relax and wind down. Either way, it is definitely a product that can be used throughout the year."